Quality is our business

Direct Timber & Trusses focus on providing quality products, reliable and personalised service. With over 35 years of experience, we deliver high levels of assurance and diligence, guaranteed to meet your requirements.

With expert resources, Direct Timber & Trusses’ design approach is unparalleled, we never lose sight of the client’s vision.

Our projects range from single storey dwellings, multi storey housing, unit developments and are ready for council approval.


Timbertruss roof trusses - keys advantages

  • Designed and engineered to the highest industry standards
  • Unlimited roof design flexibility due to advanced Pryda software
  • Crane capabilities on site for safe and efficient installation
  • Manufactured from approved quality timber
  • Can be assembled in 1 day
  • Reduces on-site labour costs
  • Reduces potential weather delays
  • Reduces on-site pilfering
  • Virtually eliminates the need for wall straightening prior to plastering